The Blog Is Moving!

Hey everyone! Wow what a great time I've had here on! I've met interesting people who have made this blog grow to what it is today. But it's time for a change. This blog needs to grow more and with you, my readers, it can. I'm moving the blog to so please keep checking it out and comment.... [Read More]

I Thought I'd Seen It All

I haven't posted anything in two days, I think - I didn't check. So sorry. For not posting, that is. Let's just say I've been busy, so that this won't be a waste of time and so that you, dear reader, won't have to pretend like you give a fuck. You're still here and that's a good sign. I hope... [Read More]

SA Government and Valuable Information

Section 32 of chapter 2 of the South African constitution calls for: the right of access to information, including all information held by the government. Why, then, did the judiciary branch allow the Protection of State Information Bill to pass? Is the main aim of the Judiciary branch then not to control laws that are contradictory to the constitution? Is... [Read More]

Death by twilight

For six years I have heard nothing but "twilight, twilight, twilight" to the point where I feel like a f**king mushroom, and now there's another installment of the sparkly vampire saga. To my greatest content though, my sister is an active fan guessed it: Twilight! This weekend, I will have the privilege of being dragged to an overcrowded theatre,... [Read More]

The House Of Webs

I climbed down the vine and realized my feet were tangled in some sort of purple goo. I tried to shake it off but it seemed to move and clung to me very tightly. My heart was pounding and my world swirling, and I loved it. When I finally got the goo off I tread carefully, so as to not... [Read More]

Death of a Spider

"Eensie weensie spider, climbing up the spout.. Down came the rain and washed the spider out.." The nursery rhyme would follow Lily throughout her life, and when she finally decided to tell the story behind it, she could barely remember it anymore... Lily was three years old when she woke up in her parents' lounge. All the lights were off and... [Read More]

Don't Ask Why

Don't ask me why I miss you, because my only answer would be: I just do. I miss you even when I talk to you and it never truly goes away. I think of you and a tear rolls down my cheek and burns your name into my skin. I miss you because I do. Don't ask me why I need... [Read More]

Is Timing Everything?

"Quit while you're ahead" - we hear it constantly, but never "quit when you're low." Never do we hear we must quit when we can't take it anymore. We also hear "do what's difficult, because that's usually what's right." Then surely giving up when you're low should be right? Is it then not one of the most difficult things to... [Read More]


Is it the way my hair is tied today? Is it the way I swing my hips? Is it the way I laugh, or is it just him? Maybe his mom didn't love him enough. Maybe he's losing patience with me. Maybe he isn't. I shouldn't have come here. "No baby, I told you. I'm not ready, " I say, but... [Read More]

+/- Jack Parow

Should you stumble across a TV ad containing a trailer trash dude (high as a kite), wearing boxer shorts and a perverted cap, then you have found the infamous Mr. Parow. Ask any well-grounded individual what they think about him, and you'll hear words like 'common' and 'retarded'. In contrast, ask the opinion of any rebellious teenager who wants to... [Read More]